Stockholm Scarf Pattern

Stockholm Scarf Pattern

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This scarf features a completely reversible stitch pattern with a 4 row repeat, and is easy to memorize. I knitted this scarf in two pieces and seamed them together, and I really believe that the seams prevent the scarf from getting stretched out. The pattern is a fast knit- it took me less than a week from cast on to cast off.

I do not recommend this pattern for beginner knitters.

I get asked rather frequently where the yarn should be held when slipping a stitch. Hold the yarn in back.

Also, if you find that your stitch count is changing, chances are you aren’t passing the slipped stitch over. If you are not familiar with this technique, I recommend you google some videos on it. It’s very easy once you see how it’s done.

About the Yarn I Used
I often get asked what yarn I used. The yarn is not available- my mother bought it for me from a church bazaar, and the label on it is in German, and says it was made in West Germany, which means it’s probably from before the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is an 80% merino, 20% acrylic blend.

***Knitting in the Round****
Basically, rows 1 and 3 are just knit and purl rows. these would be the ‘wrong’ side rows when knitting flat, but when knitting in the round, it’s pretty easy to just knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches- the completely reversible pattern ensures that it’s consistent.

The intention was that your stitch count would be the same for both flat and knitting in the round, since it is in the wet blocking that you’ll get the full size measurements, and it’s meant to be as forgiving as possible of an inch here or there. You may find that casting on 252 (instead of 256) stitches avoids the double ribbing that would occur if knitting in the round exactly as written.

If you are having trouble with modifying the pattern to work it in the round, then I highly recommend swatching it flat as written first, to get a feel for the stitches.

Swedish Pattern link is no logeravailable.
Also available in French, Spanish and Hungarian in the Ravelry download files! 

Thanks to Marjolaine for the French translation.